Recruiting top performers requires a combination of creativity and attention to details.  The internet makes it easier to broadcast your job postings to a broad audience.   However, to find the most qualified candidates and drive excitement about your open position and your company, you will need to differentiate your employer brand from competitors.  If you are recruiting with old strategies and technologies, you are starting with a clear disadvantage. Updating or replacing your recruitment technologies will increase the number of applicants. Be innovative and try new strategies to see what works.

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment strategy is the written plan you develop to identify, attract and hire the best candidate.  Your strategy starts with a goal statement. To evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy, you will need to measure some key performance indicators (KPIs).   We recommend using the following: 

  • number of qualified candidates generated from each source
  • time to hire
  • offer acceptance rate
  • source of the new hire
  • cost per hire
  • new hire tenure
Candidate Experience

The candidate’s first impression of your company is very important. Candidate experience is how candidates perceive and interact with your hiring process. The key components of candidate experience are the job application, the methods used to assess candidates, and the interview process.  A few ways to enhance the candidate experience are:

  • Track the Candidates’ time demands. Candidates don’t like having their time wasted. Whether it’s a phone call, video interview, talent assessment, or an in-person interview make the process as efficient as possible and always thank them for their time.
  • Streamline your application process. Make it faster and easier to apply. Let people apply directly from the job board. Most postings on job boards redirect the job seeker to an applicant tracking system (ATS). If you want more applicants, let people apply directly on the job board.   Job Sync ( enables a complete application, including customized questions and EEO compliance questions to be captured on job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter and then delivers the complete application directly into the ATS software.
  • Send reminders to apply. Several text recruiting software platforms let you place a reminder popup after a few seconds that captures the job seeker's phone number and then sends a daily text reminder to come back and apply. Texts work much better than e-mail for most candidates, especially for younger candidates.
Relocation Assistance

If the new hire will have to relocate to accept the job offer, the company should offer a relocation package. This usually covers the employee’s reasonable moving expenses.   A well-designed relocation package provides peace of mind and added incentives to accept the job offer.  If you are trying to hire top talent they will expect a relocation package.

Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonials allow candidates to hear directly from people who work at your company. Not only are podcasts becoming more popular, but listeners can actually hear the voice and emotion behind what the employees are saying.  These podcasts can provide in-depth insights into your employees’ backgrounds, personalities and the roles they have filled at the company.


A chatbot helps candidates ask questions anytime, anywhere and they will receive answers immediately.  These chatbots also save recruiters valuable time answering basic questions. 

Start a Talent Community

A talent community consists of candidates that have shown interest and interviewed previously with your company.  They were not hired because they were not the best fit for the role at that time.  Rather than having them drop off the company’s radar screen never to be seen again, invite them to join your company’s talent community.  Give them some good incentives to stay connected via your talent community.

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