Workforce Planning Services

Workforce Planning Services

Strategic workforce planning is how an organization analyzes its workforce and determines the steps it must take to prepare for future talent needs. Effective workforce planning needs to be integrated with talent attraction, recruitment and development. As a manager, you know your most important asset is your people. Having the right people with the right skills in the right roles is essential for business growth. Our service helps you develop a workforce plan by asking the right questions to guide you through these four steps:

  • Step 1: Analyze your current workforce
  • Step 2: Consider your future staffing needs
  • Step 3: Identify the talent gaps
  • Step 4: Develop, recruit and hire the needed talent as planned.
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Strategic Workforce Planning

We can assist your management team with any of the following tasks:

  • Forecasting – estimating the talent supply and future demand for talent, anticipated labor costs, company growth rates and company revenue for future staffing requirements.
  • Succession planning – designating the talent progression plan for key positions.
  • Leadership development – identifying high-potential employees, coaching, mentoring, and rotating these people into different projects and experiences.
  • Recruiting – estimating staffing needs for the number of employees, positions, locations, and timing.
  • Retention Forecasting – examining turnover rates, identifying who is at risk and how to keep them.
  • Contingent workforce – designating the percentage of employees who will be contingent and in what positions.
  • Potential retirements – figuring out who is eligible, when eligible, replacements, and alternative work arrangements available that could prevent a retirement problem.
  • Career Planning – expanding employee skills and potentials within the company.
  • Backfills – identifying key-position backups or bench strength.
  • Industry forecast – examining the future trends of the industry and as well as competitor assessments.
  • Identifying job competencies – completing a skills and competencies inventory for every employee.
  • Workforce Metrics – measuring the effectiveness of recruitment strategy, selection accuracy and levels of performance.
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