Pre-Employment Assessments and Employee Screening Services

Pre-Employment Assessments and Employee Screening Services

If you already have a pool of candidates for your job opening you’re ready for the next step – pre-employment assessment. Talent assessments will help you reduce turnover, decrease hiring costs and interviewing time, and it will increase your quality of hire.

  • Identify the right pre-employment assessment for your budget
  • Integrate the pre-employment assessment at the right point in your hiring process for maximum impact
  • Develop high performer models for comparing your candidates to the “ideal candidate”
  • Identify the job fit, manager fit and team fit that are critical to high performance

Let’s talk about specific pre-employment assessments that can help guide your hiring decisions.

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Proven Pre-Employment Assessments – Based on 20 Years of Talent Selection Services

Did you know? Research shows that interviews and reference checks alone only provide about 26% accuracy when it comes to making the right hire. Integrating pre-employment assessments into your hiring process can raise your talent selection accuracy to as high as 75%!

Note: Many of the following talent assessments are also used for coaching current employees.  Contact us with any questions about these assessments.

Integrity Assessments (Not Used for Coaching)
Customer Service Assessments
Sales Assessments
Manager Assessments
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