Hogan Personality Inventory Metrics

Primary Scales

Adjustment: confidence, self-esteem, and composure under pressure
• High scorers - confident, resilient, and optimistic
• Low scorers - tense, irritable, and negative

Ambition: initiative, competitiveness, and desire for leadership roles
• High scorers - competitive and eager to advance
• Low scorers - unassertive and less interested in advancement

Sociability: extraversion, gregarious, and need for social interaction
• High scorers - outgoing, colorful, impulsive and dislike working alone
• Low scorers - reserved, quiet, prefer working alone

Interpersonal Sensitivity: tact, perceptiveness, and ability to maintain relationships
• High scorers - friendly, warm, and popular
• Low scorers - independent, frank, and direct

Prudence: self-discipline, responsibility, and conscientiousness
• High scorers - organized, dependable, and thorough
• Low scorers - impulsive, flexible, and creative

Inquisitive: imagination, curiosity, and creative potential
• High scorers - quick-witted, visionary, and pay less attention to details
• Low scorers - practical, focused, and able to concentrate for long periods

Learning Approach: achievement-oriented and up-to-date on business and technical matters
• High scorers - enjoy reading and studying
• Low scorers - less interested in formal education than in hands-on learning

Occupational Scales

Service Orientation: being attentive, pleasant, and courteous to customers

Stress Tolerance: being able to handle stress, even-tempered, and calm under fire

Reliability: honesty, integrity, and positive organizational citizenship

Clerical Potential: follows directions, pays attention to detail, and communicates clearly

Sales Potential: energy, social skills, and the ability to solve problems for customers

Managerial Potential: leadership ability, planning, and decision-making skills

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