First Steps to Better Hiring Decisions

Hiring Mistakes Cost Much More than Money

As a hiring manager, you need the best quality information available on your applicants. Much of the information you collect on applicants is often embellished including resumes, references, work history and interview responses. You need to make sure you also have “accurate, objective information” that has not been embellished. The Quality of Information Collected Equals the Quality of Hire!

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In today’s fast-paced business world, the process of collecting, reviewing, and verifying critical information about job applicants is often rushed through or overlooked completely. Instead, hiring managers rely on resumes and other information provided by the applicant. Applicants benefit by telling potential employers what they want to hear. About 15%of job applicants having criminal convictions, and up to 66% of resumes contain serious distortions, falsehoods, or omissions. Therefore, it is a very high probability that your company will make some costly hiring mistakes unless you take steps to collect accurate, objective information about your candidates.

Fortunately there are some easy ways to minimize hiring mistakes. 

  • Have each applicant sign a consent form giving permission for a background check, including a check for criminal records, past employment and education. Applicants with something to hide will often not sign this consent, or they will withdraw their application or admit prior omissions, convictions or falsifications.
  • Make certain your employment application asks about criminal records in the broadest possible terms allowed by law – do not limit it to felonies!
  • Remind candidates during interviews that your company will perform a criminal background check and reference check as a standard business practice.
  • Job applications should clearly state that any false statements or omissions are grounds to terminate the hiring process or employment, regardless of when they are discovered.
Two of three resumes are intentionally misleading!

Resumes are often misleading in three ways:

  • Distortions include enhanced job titles or accomplishments.
  • Falsehoods include listing educational degrees never obtained or degrees obtained from paper mills.
  • Omissions include failure to list a felony offense on a job application form.

Did you know? If an employer knows the cities (and counties) where an applicant has worked, it increases the accuracy of a criminal records search.

If you don’t already have someone with specialized training in completing background searches, you will need to use a professional background search service that can obtain criminal records from all over the United States.

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Professional background agencies can provide employers with:

  • social security verifications
  • academic verifications
  • civil records searches (County & Federal)
  • credit reports (Individual & Business)
  • employment verifications
  • fraud and abuse checks
  • global watch alerts
  • government data repositories
  • motor vehicle records
  • national practitioner data banks
  • professional license verifications


Clearly stating on application forms that false statements and omissions are grounds for termination is important if a criminal record or falsification is discovered after someone is already hired.

While a criminal record can’t be used to disqualify an applicant unless there is a sound business reason, if an applicant has lied about a criminal matter or they have provided falsehoods, it could be the basis for a termination decision.

Remember to keep records of your efforts! Documenting the background information collected on applicants will show your efforts at due diligence.  This is great not only to share with upper management, but also to help protect your company from negligent hire lawsuits.

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  1. Thomas Clarence says

    Wow, it really stood out to me when you mentioned that businesses will likely make some costly hiring mistakes. It seems like it would be a good idea to be more thorough and pay attention to data when you are looking to hire people. I would think that data would be able to help you recognize trends and help you identify people that will be good hires.

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