“Organizations that don’t know how well their hiring methods predict the quality of their hires are lacking in one of the most consequential aspects of modern business.”

Peter Cappelli, Harvard Business Review, May-June, 2019

Hiresmart Human Capital Solutions
Recruitment and Staffing Solution USA
  • Key Performance Indicators (i.e. Job Performance)

    A quantifiable measurement used to evaluate an employee’s job performance. For example, Average Sales Per Month.

  • Retention

    The total number of months the new hire remains in the position.

  • Ramp-up Time

    The total number of months that a new hire takes to reach full productivity in their role.

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction

    The Hiring Manager’s satisfaction rating of the competencies, performance and overall fit of the new hire.

  • Employee Engagement Level

    A quantifiable measurement of the extent to which a new hire feels passionate about their job, feels committed to the organization, and puts discretionary effort into their work.

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