What solutions, talents and human qualities are you looking for?

Focus Survey

Completing this Focus Survey in the context of your open position's job description will help you create a portrait or profile of the ideal candidate. It will take you about 5 minutes to complete. You can request three different reports:

Ideal Candidate Profile

Ideal Candidate Profile

Hiring Interview Questions

Hiring Interview Questions

Hiring Assessment Strategy

Hiring Assessment Strategy

You will receive a summary of your ideal candidate that prioritizes the talents, competencies and human qualities you are looking for, making your hiring decisions simpler and smarter!

Online Hiring Assessment Tests
  • People Focus (competencies)

    (Building Relationships, Persuasion, Ability to Inspire Trust, Emotional Intelligence etc.)

  • Solutions Focus (competencies)

    (Analysis, Critical Thinking, Achieving Results, Cognitive Ability, Originality, Machine Learning Development etc.)

  • Business Focus (competencies)

    (Supervision, Leadership, Performance Management, Financial Acumen, Entrepreneurship, Sales etc.)

  • Expertise Focus (education and/or experience)

    (Accounting, Computer Science, Office Administration, Legal, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, etc.)

  • Human Factors Focus (personal qualities)

    (Adaptability, Attention to Details, Conscientiousness, High Integrity, Poised, Charismatic etc.)

Pre-employment assessments USA

We have organized a variety of Interview Questions that can help you assess the talents, competencies and human qualities you have identified and prioritized in the Focus Survey. Save yourself time finding or developing potential interview questions for your next hire.

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