If you can measure a talent, competency, or human quality you can hire it!

Understanding the Job is the First Step of a Successful Hire

Employers often hire candidates who interview great but don’t work out. Many of these employers still rely on Gut Instinct rather than a proven process to determine Job Fit. To make a successful hire you need to understand the competencies and personal characteristics that predict job success. Job Fit identifies these qualities and characteristics.


Completing this Job Description Survey for your open position will create a customized Hiring Benchmark Report. This report offers a detailed profile of the work-related abilities, interests, motivations and personality traits of top performers in the position. The Hiring Benchmark Report provides data about the requirements of the job and it can be used to supplement, organize and analyze the information provided in résumés, background checks and the interview. You will receive your Hiring Benchmark Report via email. 

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Managers Use the Hiring Benchmark Report for:


Selecting the best candidate for the position

Each position in your organization requires unique abilities, traits and skill sets. The Hiring Benchmark Report identifies and quantifies these important qualities for each candidate, revealing the learning abilities, interests and work-related personality traits that directly impact success on the job. The Hiring Benchmark Report clearly identifies criteria that will lead to success in the position. The hiring benchmark provides a standard for comparison and is tailored to the requirements of both the job and the company.


Creating behavioral interviews

The Hiring Benchmark Report provides behavioral interview questions focused on those areas where the Candidate does not fit the hiring benchmark. We call these Challenge Areas. A combination of the scores and the structured interview questions in challenge areas will help you avoid hiring mistakes. The higher the Job Suitability or Job Fit the greater the probability (Prediction) of success.


Talent management strategy

The Hiring Benchmark Report is specifically designed to assist companies in three areas: increasing their hiring success rate, enhancing their development of existing employees and planning for the future.

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