Personality assessments help you determine whether a candidate will be a good fit with the job, the manager and the team. Placing a candidate in a role that is not well suited to his or her personality usually results in lower job satisfactions leading to turnover. Personality assessments help employers understand a candidate’s work values, preferences and interpersonal style. Personality traits like conscientiousness, persuasiveness, ambition, gregariousness or resilience are difficult to assess in a job interview. Pre-employment assessments USA of personality are valuable tools for recruiting, hiring and retaining exceptional talent. Personality is a proven indicator of job performance. Assessing a candidate’s behavioral tendencies in the workplace helps recruiters and hiring managers determine the likelihood that the candidate would be successful in the role. Research shows that poor personality fit with a job results in lower productivity and higher turnover. Pre-employment personality assessments are usually administered online and results are available immediately. Personality profiles of candidates can be compared to High Performer Models and ranked. This ranking can accelerate the hiring process and increase the probability that a candidate fits a specific opportunity.

What Human Qualities are You Looking For?

Human personalities are complex and very diverse. Identifying what human qualities you are looking for can be determined by creating a personality profile of your current high performers in the position. There are a wide range of pre-employment personality assessments that can help you determine this high performer model. We developed the HireSmart Focus Survey to help employers begin to develop an “ideal candidate profile”. The Focus Survey helps hiring managers narrow the focus of what specific personality traits they are seeking in a candidate. The hiring manager can select only 8 personality traits from the following choices:

Adaptability / Resilience Attention to Details Conscientiousness Compliant / Accommodating
Extraverted / Outgoing High Integrity / Ethics High Ambition / Motivation Multi-Tasking Ability
Schedule Flexibility Work-Life Balance Trustworthy / Instills Trust Dependable / Honest
Disciplined / Responsible Easy Going / Friendly Likeable Decisive
Creative / Imaginative Flexible Emotional Stability Sensitive / Empathic
Strong Work Ethic Spontaneous Open-mindedness / Non-Dogmatic Independent / Self-Directed
Self-Starter / Takes Initiative Venturesome / Takes Risks Conventional / Reserved Pragmatic
Methodical Dominant / Assertive Enthusiastic / Energizing Persuasive
Entrepreneurial Conservative / Risk Avoiding Calm / Even Tempered Self-Confident / Poised
Charismatic Genuine / Authentic Optimistic Competitive
Tactful / Courteous Bold Dutiful Organized / Orderly
Diligent Colorful

What Personality Assessments Will You Use?

Some personality assessments will be better suited to assess your “ideal candidate” than others depending on which Human Qualities you selected. The HireSmart Focus Survey can help the hiring manager develop questions for a structured hiring interview and for an assessment strategy. We have organized a variety of Interview Questions that can help you assess the human qualities you have identified and prioritized in the Focus Survey. Save yourself time finding or developing potential interview questions for your next hire.

Pre-employment assessments USA of personality will help you determine whether a candidate is a good fit with the job, the manager and the team.

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