The success of your call center depends on your talent assessment and management strategies. If your call center is experiencing high turnover (20% or higher) you need to ask what can we do differently?

Create an Attractive Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture sets the foundation for how employees communicate within the organization. Make your company a place where potential candidates and employees want to work. Does your company have HR policies that promote personal growth, skills training, work-life balance and retention? Do you provide an ergonomic office space? Do you offer reduced hours options and vacation packages? How many flex days do you provide? Creating an attractive workplace culture will help you attract and recruit reps who have a longer tenure. Your turnover rates will reflect the attractiveness of your workplace.

Define Your Ideal Candidate Profile

The recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training processes can be costly. The higher your call center turnover, the more often you will have to repeat it. Start by defining the Ideal Candidate Profile regarding learning ability level, personality traits and work motivations. Be clear about the job description and the performance expectations. Research will show you the human qualities that are associated with high performance and longer tenure. Research will also show you the human qualities shared by the people who quit or were terminated. In most call centers there are usually a few talented individuals who are exceptional in performance. These are the same people who have the highest job satisfactions and the longest tenure. Managers need to understand and measure these qualities that distinguish the high performers from average or low performers. What traits do the people with the longest tenure have in common? What traits differentiate them from those with average or low tenure? Your Ideal Candidate Profile needs to be incorporated into all the company’s talent management practices including recruitment, selection, onboarding and training.

Upgrade Your Training Methods

Learning experiences need to be meaningful, result-oriented and enjoyable. Your call center training program needs to provide the right amount of information and activities to fit into a rep’s busy day. There should be a mix of learning content and activities to keep it interesting:

  • Social activities (e.g. polls, open ended questions)
  • Learning activities (e.g. e-learning modules, videos, reading material)
  • Practical activities (e.g. challenges, analysis, action plans)

There are a number of reasons why ongoing training reduces call center turnover. Well trained reps feel more competent and they are less likely to quit. They have higher job satisfactions related to their opportunities for growth and advancement.

Measure Job Satisfactions Often

Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with your organization. Managers need to administer job satisfaction surveys two or three times per year. These surveys can be custom designed for your specific needs and purposes. In general, there should be questions that evaluate employee opinions about: Workplace Environment and Culture, Opportunities for Growth and Advancement, Workload and Stress Level, Satisfactions with Co-Workers, Satisfactions with Supervisors and Supervision, Satisfaction with Compensation and Benefits.

Reward Desired Behaviors

Positive reinforcement lets your reps know what they should be doing more often. Instead of bringing attention only to their mistakes, focus on recognizing their positive behaviors and contributions. You can reward desired behaviors through financial rewards such as bonuses and gift cards, or non-monetary rewards such as days off, shorter work hours, or more flex days.

Exit Interviews

Take advantage of the moment when someone is terminating by asking them to describe what things led to their decision to terminate. What could have been done better on both sides? Use this feedback to improve the workplace experience for everyone.

Talent Assessment Strategy Canada helps you hire call center candidates with good job fit. Creating an Attractive Workplace Culture is the foundation of employee job satisfactions. Defining your Ideal Candidate Profile improves your recruitment strategy. Upgraded training methods leads to more employee growth satisfactions. Rewarding desired behavior is a proven way to motivate people to do more of those things. Exit interviews will help you identify some of the culprits producing the turnover. Research will identify what human factors are associated with the longest tenure in your call center.

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