If your job openings receive 100 to 200 applicants, you’ll be sifting through resumes for the next few weeks while your open position remains unfilled and your cost-of-vacancy skyrockets. Using a pre-employment assessment USA can significantly cut down your time-to-fill and improve your quality of hire. By screening candidates with a standardized, objective assessment, you can confidently and quickly weed out unqualified candidates.

A Pre-employment Assessment USA can be used to screen hundreds of applicants at the same time in order to find the best candidates. These assessments can streamline the entire hiring process for nearly any job in the modern economy. You can screen, sort and rank candidates quickly and easily on multiple levels of data. You will get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s predicted performance. When both quantity and quality are needed in hiring, pre-employment assessments will help you make simpler and smarter decisions.

The use of pre-employment assessments is growing because companies want more predictive accuracy in their talent selection. Business organizations are looking for a valid and reliable way to assess intellectual abilities, personality traits and motivational drivers that can identify the candidates who will perform well and stay longer.

Companies are changing more rapidly than ever, which means that job roles are transforming rapidly as well. Organizations deploying new business strategies may need new skills and knowledge in their workforce to implement their new strategy. Pre-employment assessments USA need to be able to answer new questions based on what the new business strategies require.

Employers need to evaluate how well the assessments predict job performance and tenure. Recruiters need to move the most desirable candidates quickly through the hiring funnel. While time to fill has always been important, it has taken on a new priority with many employers today. Speed matters more than ever in recruiting top talent. Research shows that the best talent is off the market within 10 to 15 days for many positions.

Businesses using assessments for senior executive and management positions are interested in personality traits and motivational drivers, in addition to intellectual ability. When managers derail, it is often due to a lack of emotional intelligence or ethics not intelligence. Companies want to know in advance what things could potentially derail an executive candidate in a role that will likely be bigger, more complex and more ambiguous than they have had before.

Pre-employment Assessments often uncover what can’t be seen in a resume or an interview. These assessments provide organizations with a way to see below the surface. They want a way to predict who will perform well on the job, will respond well to their training programs, will not turnover, and won’t engage in counterproductive behaviors.

Pre-employment assessment reports streamline hiring interviews and make them more effective. They help you focus the interview questions on objective candidate traits that predict job success. If you are looking for ways to make your hiring process simpler and smarter contact us today.

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner says

    I appreciate that this post mentioned that pre-employment screening services can screen hundreds of job applicants, which makes things easier and faster. Assuming that I own a business and need to hire employees, it makes sense for me to improve efficiency. I will definitely keep this tip in mind for future references.

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