Pre-employment assessments provide an evaluation of job candidates by a potential employer prior to hiring. The purpose of these assessments is to help hiring managers understand personality traits, cognitive abilities, job knowledge and skills, critical thinking skills, work preferences and work motivations. In short, they help employers gain a better understanding of job applicants prior to making a hiring decision. In order to make the right hiring decisions managers need to have accurate and objective information about their candidates. Resume reviews and unstructured interview results are not accurate enough because candidates often include misleading statements. Candidates also provide inaccurate information during face-to-face interviews in an effort to impress the hiring manager.

Pre-employment assessments are used by hiring managers to predict job performance and job fit. Validated assessments provide an objective method for comparing candidates. Hiring managers can use these standardized results to make more informed and more defensible hiring decisions.

Objective versus Subjective Hiring Decisions

Objective data refers to unbiased observations, independent from personal views, and subjective data refers to biased observations, influenced by personal opinions. Subjective decisions are based on personal opinions, interpretations, points of view, emotions and judgment. Subjective decisions in hiring leads to many unwanted outcomes (e.g. low engagement, low performance and turnover). Objective decisions are fact-based, measurable and observable. Unlike face to face interviews, pre-employment assessments allow you to evaluate a wide range of skills, competencies and qualities such as: strategic thinking, subject-area knowledge, self-confidence, problem solving ability, leadership ability, agreeableness, organizational skills, helpfulness, tact, analytical skills, risk-taking, productivity, initiative, honesty, interpersonal skills, reliability, dependability, positivity, empathy, collaboration, etc.

How Important is Job Fit?

Pre-employment assessments are widely used to determine job fit. There are many factors that determine job fit including: learning speed; learning agility, ambition, initiative, empathy, communication skills, critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, honesty, and motivation. Candidates that aren’t a good fit for a job will eventually underperform in terms of engagement, performance and tenure. They are much more likely to leave the position. Replacing a poor hire can be expensive and time-consuming. Job fit data will help you hire the right people for your open positions. Pre-employment assessments reduce overall hiring costs and training costs.

How Important is Legal Defensibility

Using validated pre-employment assessments increases the legal defensibility of your hiring process. The correct use of pre-employment assessments follows the same guidelines as any other hiring selection methods. These guidelines state that pre-employment assessments are legal to use as long as they are job-related. Validated assessments add additional proof of legal defensibility because they provide employers with objective, predictors of success in a job, as opposed to subjective hiring methods like resume reviews and interviews.

Why Use Pre-Employment Assessments?

Using pre-employment assessments provides much more information than you could obtain looking at a resume or conducting a 30-minute interview. Pre-employment assessments will save you time and money for the following reasons: 1) You can quickly narrow down a list of applicants based on their job fit. 2) You can improve your interviews by identifying where a candidate has poor job fit. Often the assessments will generate interview questions that focus on the key concerns. This helps you streamline your interview process. 3) Knowing a candidate’s job fit helps you reduce the likelihood of a poor hire. 4) Knowing a candidate’s job fit will help your lower turnover rates in that position. 5) Your job fit hiring information is now organized in one place where anyone involved in the hiring decision has convenient access.

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