Hiring talented individuals is critical to every organization’s success. In order to hire the right talent, you will have to identify who should be recruited. You will also need to craft a compelling recruitment message. Ask yourself a few fundamental questions. What types of applicants are you seeking? What types of work experience, education and skills would make someone successful in the job? How many open positions are going to be filled? What is the deadline for filling these positions? How many qualified applicants do you want to have?

Here are some key elements to designing an effective Recruitment and Staffing Solution USA:

Describe Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand will show candidates why they would want to work for your company. It should describe the company’s mission and values. It often helps to add a few stories from your employees as to why your company is great place to work.

Create Job Posts That Hook the Candidates’ Interests

Your job post is the first impression the candidates will have of your company. Make your job post entertaining! Make sure your job post offers exciting opportunities, so that it creates curiosity. The job post needs to attract people who will fit the job and the organization. Describe some of the benefits and perks that employees enjoy.

Use Social Media Platforms Like Linked-In and Facebook

Create informal job posts that will attract qualified candidates. Offer different ways to interact with candidates who may have additional questions before they will apply for the job. Website blogs can allow for interactive discussions or comments about the job. People who are already in the position can describe what they enjoy most about the job. Offer a few informational webinars for those who people who want to learn more about the company and the job.

Use Job Boards

Job boards offer recruiters many useful, valuable and unique tools. Job boards allow you to reach a wide and diverse audience. Today there are also many niche job boards, where you can directly access people skilled in the areas required for your open position. These niche job boards will increase the number of qualified applicants you get.

Use Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter is an online job board that allows employers to post jobs to hundreds of job boards simultaneously. ZipRecruiter offers a number of different pricing plans that can work well even for small businesses. The campaign costs depend on the number of jobs you want to post and it also depends on how long you want to post them.

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