Job analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the content, job duties and the human requirements of a specific job. While Job Analysis data is usually collected from incumbents through interviews or surveys, the product of the analysis is a description of the job. The purpose of job analysis is to establish and document the job relatedness of a company’s employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation and performance appraisal.

Determining Training Needs

Job Analysis is often used to identify and develop: training or coaching content, methods of training, and methods of evaluating training program effectiveness.

Compensation Planning

Job Analysis can be used in compensation planning to identify or determine: Specific skills and competencies needed, required level of education, responsibilities, duties, and compensation (wages, salaries, benefits, bonuses and other incentives).

Talent Selection Methods

Job Analysis is used in selection procedures to identify or determine: job duties, minimum requirements in education and/or experience, job related interview questions, and selection assessments or tests.

Performance Review

Job Analysis is often used to plan performance reviews. What are the performance standards for the position? What are the performance metrics or standards? What defines successful performance? What is the length of the probationary period?

Methods of Job Analysis

There are a wide variety of Job Analysis methods, and here a few of them: Review of a job classification system (e.g. O-Net), incumbent interviews, supervisor interviews, expert panels, structured questionnaires, task inventories, checklists, open-ended questionnaires, observations, or incumbent work logs.

Complete a Job Description Survey

Completing a Job Description Survey for your open position is the first step of a successful hiring. It will create a customized Hiring Benchmark Report. This report offers a detailed profile of the work-related abilities, interests, motivations and personality traits of top performers in the position. The Hiring Benchmark Report provides data about the requirements of the job and it can also be used to supplement, organize and analyze the information provided in résumés, background checks and the interview. You will receive your Hiring Benchmark Report via email.

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