In today’s marketplace, there is a strong supply of candidates for most open positions. However, making the right hiring decision is not simple, If you hire the wrong person expect some serious negative consequences including:

  • Lost Productivity
  • Lower Staff Morale
  • Substantial Costs for a Replacement

You most likely lost time and money onboarding and training your new hire. You have attempted to hire a candidate who was qualified and experienced. If a candidate doesn’t have the required work experience they will need more time to learn the job.

Tips to Hire the Best Candidate for the Position

One of the best ways you can improve your recruitment and selection process is to assess the candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits and work motivations. Assessments go deeper than reviewing a person’s resume or making a decision based on an interview. A more effective talent selection approach would be to focus on obtaining relevant information about your candidates, such as their qualifications, knowledge, experience, social skills, and their ability to learn and adapt. You will need to attract the right candidates by making all of the job requirements as clear as possible. An effective hiring process can help you attract and retain high-quality employees. Use applicant processing systems (APS), relationship management technology (CRM) and comprehensive job descriptions. During interviews, pay attention to the candidate’s coachability, emotional intelligence, temperament and motivation.

How well does the candidate fit your company’s culture?

Your reference checks and interview questions can help you determine if a candidate is prone to conflicts in the workplace. Find out how well they got along with their former colleagues and bosses. Check out their social media presence across some of the major platforms. Visiting their Facebook or LinkedIn profile may offer some insights into their values, motives and preferences. LinkedIn can be a good place to find candidates and invite them to apply for your open position.

How to Improve Your Hiring Process?

  • Build a strong employer brand.
  • Process candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Write comprehensive, detailed job descriptions.
  • Use new hiring technologies and social media.
  • Understand Job Fit, Manager Fit and Team Fit.
  • Improve your interview questions.

Start with a Job Analysis

Completing a Job Description Survey for your open position is the first Tip to Hire the Best Candidate for the Position. It will create a customized Hiring Benchmark Report. This report offers a detailed profile of the work-related abilities, interests, motivations and personality traits of top performers in the position. The Hiring Benchmark Report provides data about the requirements of the job and it can also be used to supplement, organize and analyze the information provided in résumés, background checks and the interview. You will receive your Hiring Benchmark Report via email.

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