Predictive assessments will increase your talent selection accuracy.

A validated talent selection assessment like Prevue Assessment can accurately differentiate high sales performers from average or low performers. It will also help you identify high potentials for other positions you have. We have been doing Prevue pilot studies demonstrating these business outcomes for over 20 years now. A good pilot study is also a blind pilot study. Here are the steps we use in our pilot studies:

  • Sales Performance Criteria is defined. A’s (High), B’s (Average), and C’s (Low).
  • Blind Pilot Study using A’s and C’s (Blind means Sales Performance level is not revealed until after Prevue Assessment Scores are documented.)
  • A Sales Performers complete the Prevue Assessment.
  • C Sales Performers complete the Prevue Assessment.
  • Sales Hiring Benchmarks are developed. (High Performer Models are based on current high sales performer scores)
  • Selection Accuracy Rates are determined for A’s and C’s. How well the talent assessment solution works to identify or classify your current sales employees, is about how well it will work for your candidate selections.
  • Sales Performance is reported. (semi-annually)
  • Sales Talent Selection Accuracy is reported. (semi-annually)
  • Sales Talent Turnover is reported. (semi-annually)
  • Sales Talent Tenure is reported. (semi-annually)
  • Total Organization Sales $ is reported. (semi-annually)

Business Outcomes - “Start with the Outcomes in Mind.”

  • Sales Talent Selection Accuracy ≈ 75%
  • Sales Talent Turnover Reduced ≈ 50%
  • Sales Production Growth Increases ≈ 50%
  • High Potentials are easily identified using Prevue Hiring Benchmarks for other positions in your organization.
Measuring Sales Talent

We define Sales Talent as the capacity for excellence and high sales performance. People have clear behavioral tendencies that can be measured, evaluated and compared to job requirements.  Using a validated assessment of a candidate’s talents increases the likelihood of hiring high sales performers and other high potentials. Using assessments creates consistency in your talent selection process and improves accuracy in identifying high-potential talent.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Prevue
  • It will predict job performance.
  • It will be legally defensible.
  • It will save time and money.
  • It will reduce employee turnover.
  • It will enhance Employer Brand.
  • It will identify the right talent for your business.
  • It will empower your hiring managers.
  • It will be objective.
  • It will not discriminate against any protected groups.
  • It will be reliable and consistent.
  • It will be valid and accurate.
Next Steps

Contact us to obtain Sample Reports for Prevue Assessment. Have us complete a Blind Pilot Study using a the Prevue talent selection assessment to prove the Business Outcomes and Benefits we have described above.

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