Employers in every industry share the same challenge, finding the right employees. Identifying, keeping and motivating high performing employees has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of your products or services and the satisfaction of your customers. Each position in an organization requires unique abilities, traits and skill sets. The Prevue Assessment identifies and quantifies these important traits for each candidate, revealing the learning abilities, motivations and work-related personality traits that directly impact success on the job. The right person is hired for the right job which means reduced turnover costs, increased productivity and a better bottom line. Good hiring decisions will pay dividends. Bad decisions cost money.

Focused Job Fit Assessment

The Prevue Assessment is a valid and reliable assessment for the business environment. Researched and developed by world renowned experts in the field of psychometric assessments, Prevue is sophisticated in its capabilities, yet simple and straightforward in its applications. Vital to all important employment decisions, Prevue provides critical job fit data about people and their jobs, effectively predicting productivity and performance. Prevue creates a custom Hiring Benchmark for each position. It clearly identifies the qualities that will lead to success in the position. The Hiring Benchmark provides a standard for comparison and is tailored to the requirements of both the job and the company. Benchmarks are derived from proven results of top performers and/or management input from the Prevue Job Description Survey. Qualified applicants with high Prevue job suitability scores become top performers. When you are hiring and promoting, you are creating the future of your company. Customized Prevue Benchmarks set the standard for excellence for any position. Prevue Assessment will ensure that you make the very best hiring, promotion and development decisions.

Focused Hiring Interviews

Behavior-based interview questions in the Prevue Selection Report are generated for areas where the candidate’s results do not match the Hiring Benchmark, enabling a manager to probe areas of weakness and explore red flag concerns and inconsistencies. The Prevue Selection Report includes a Total Person description of the job applicant. This Prevue insight about the core job fit characteristics of the applicant is information that is not available from interviews or other sources. In addition to the unique and powerful Prevue Selection Report, Prevue provides six other reports to support coaching, training and career management activities:

The Personal Development Report identifies an individual’s match to the job Benchmark and provides insight on training solutions to address areas of potential weakness. Communication will be positive and proactive; the individual will develop to meet the position requirements resulting in improved employee effectiveness.

The Corporate Coach Report highlights the characteristics of an individual in terms of the sixteen interest and personality dimensions examined by the Prevue Assessment. It also reviews an individual’s approach to work in nine very important work-related areas. This report is designed for general coaching to better understand an individual and enhance employment relations.

The Working Characteristics Report provides comprehensive yet easily understood information on business related behaviors. These personal characteristics provide insight about individual alignment with corporate culture and job fit and can be useful in a number of applications including leadership, team building and more.

The Individual Report provides feedback to the candidates. It enables employees to understand how they compare to the general working population helping them grow and develop in their position and career.

The Succession Planning Report addresses the following functions: 1) A candidate can be compared to multiple benchmarks for career planning and succession planning. 2) Multiple candidates can be compared to one benchmark to identify the best candidate for succession planning or to fill a current vacancy.

Hire and Retain Top Performers

Well-researched surveys reveal the cost of turnover is 35% or more of the annual salary for most positions. Recruiting and retaining top performers saves the high cost of turnover while at the same time improving productivity. Once the hiring decision is made, Prevue can continue to be utilized to assess training needs, develop a coaching strategy and further employee development. Coaching Reports identify training and development needs. The Prevue Assessment assists companies to make the right decision when it comes to hiring, coaching, succession planning and team building. The Prevue Assessment system is multi-lingual and it is currently available in French, English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian. The Prevue Assessment is supported by an extensive Technical Manual. Prevue Assessment reports provide objective information. Designed and developed for business applications, Prevue meets all governmental and human resource best practice standards. Prevue is a Talent Assessment Strategy USA that will reduce turnover and contribute to the profitability of your organization. Contact us for more information or discussion.

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