Sales talent is the lifeblood of many businesses. From sales managers to outside sales reps to inside sales reps, businesses need to excel at recruiting new sales talent while helping their existing salespeople reach their potential. A data-driven sales talent selection strategy can guide your hiring, coaching and performance management systems.

Predictive talent selection assessments allow you to hire the right candidates based on their abilities, motivations, and personality factors. Start by building a high sales performer model that identifies the success factors your high performing salespeople have in common. Those common success factors will help you develop a sales talent selection strategy that leads to sustained, improved sales performance.

Once you have developed your high sales performer model, consider assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your existing sales force using that model. Most likely, 20% of your sales force is producing 80% of your sales (i.e. Pareto Principle). The 60% of your salesforce in the middle, is considered average, but effective selling. Consider replacing the bottom 20% of your salesforce with new sales talent. By using this approach, sales managers will be able to make sure that their entire salesforce is engaged in effective selling.

Benefits of a Data-Driven Sales Talent Selection Strategy

Proven Sales Success Profile – As new hires prove their talents through sales results their profile can be integrated into the high sales performer model.

Predictive Sales Selection – Determine the accuracy rate of your sale talent selection strategy. How often are high performers selected? How often are average performers selected? How often are low performers selected?

Insight-based Sales Coaching – Using a data-driven approach derived from the talent selection assessments, identify the areas of focus for coaching. Implement individualized weekly coaching on knowledge, skills and abilities using the sales talent assessments.

Sales Talent Sourcing – Find new sources for developing your sales candidate pool based on the number of successful candidates hired from those new sources.

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