What candidate assessment strategy, USA will you be using in your next hire? Using multiple candidate assessment strategies typically yields more accurate results and a better quality of hire.

Resume Evaluation Scores

A resume provides an employer with a detailed statement of a job candidate's prior work experience, education, and accomplishments. Employers can use a candidate's resume to weed out unqualified candidates and to determine how qualified a candidate is for their job opening. Ranking resumes on a scoring system from 0 to 10 helps employers rank and sort a pool of candidates.

  • Work Experience Not Qualified (0), Qualified (1), Very Qualified (2)
  • Education Not Qualified (0), Qualified (1), Very Qualified (2)
  • Specific Skills Not Qualified (0), Qualified (1), Very Qualified (2)
  • Specific Competencies Not Qualified (0), Qualified (1), Very Qualified (2)
  • Accomplishments Not Qualified (0), Qualified (1), Very Qualified (2)
Job Applications

Job applications are tools that employers can use to collect details that can quickly screen out people who do not have the work experience, skills and competencies required for their job opening.

Pre-qualifying Questionnaire Scores

Pre-qualifying questionnaires are screening tools companies can use to identify candidates who most closely fit what they are looking for in a specific job opening. These questionnaires save employers time and money by allowing them to quickly identify the top candidates even in a large pool of applicants. Instead of evaluating every resume or calling every applicant for a brief phone interview, employers can rank all the applicants based on their questionnaire scores. Then start phone interviews with the top scoring applicants.

Cognitive Ability Scores

Cognitive ability assessments are among the most useful and valid tools available for predicting success in jobs and training across a wide variety of occupations. Ranking all applicants on learning speed and/or problem-solving abilities makes sense for a wide range of jobs.

Achievement, Proficiency or Knowledge Scores

In general, job knowledge assessments and work-samples have relatively high validity. Accounting and Bookkeeping proficiency tests and Microsoft Office Skills tests are widely used. Mechanical Comprehension tests and Language Proficiency tests are also widely used.

Employment Interview Scores

Structured, scorable job interviews are more valid than unstructured interviews. In a structured interview all candidates are asked the same questions and compared on the same scoring scale.

Personality Assessment Results

Personality assessments are used to evaluate qualities such as motivation, conscientiousness, self-confidence, ambition and interpersonal skills.

Integrity Assessments Results

Integrity assessments evaluate an applicant's tendency to be honest, trustworthy, and dependable. A lack of integrity is associated with such counterproductive behaviors such as theft, violence, sabotage, disciplinary problems, and absenteeism. Integrity assessments are widely used for entry-level positions for which dependability and rule-following are particularly important.

Reference Checks

Reference checks can be used to verify information previously provided by applicants. They can also serve as protection against potential negligent hiring lawsuits. Reference checks encourages applicants to provide more accurate information. Reference checks are often used to verify education, employment, work experience and accomplishment records already provided by the applicant.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol tests can help employers ensure a safe work environment. The testing program needs to be compliant with federal, state, and local laws. An employer may prohibit the use of alcohol and illegal drugs at the workplace and employers may require that employees not be under the influence of either while on the job. Some commonly reported negative work behaviors and outcomes associated with alcohol and drug abuse are industrial accidents, work-related injuries, excessive absenteeism or tardiness and workplace violence.

Clarifying your Candidate Assessment Strategy USA will help you gather the Quality of Information needed to make smarter hiring decisions.


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