Many sales managers are currently expanding their inside sales channels to take advantage of shifts in consumer behavior. Candidates who achieve the greatest success in inside sales jobs fit the personality profile and they have the right combination of KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities).

To find the best job fit, it’s important for organizations to use pre-employment assessments USA that can identify sales-related competencies and talents. Assessments that measure cognitive abilities, motivations and personality traits can predict who will be successful in the inside sales role. Some inside sales jobs require customer service talents as well as sales talents. Here are some of the qualities that have been identified as success factors in our review of the research:

1. Stable, Poised and Relaxed

Inside sales reps must work with a wide variety of people while overcoming any problems or challenges presented. Maintaining composure, calmness and self-control will help them avoid displaying irritation that would derail sales success.

2. Communication skills

Inside sales reps must continue listening, while building rapport with the prospect or customer. Good verbal and written communication skills are key success factors. Communication skills that include the ability to express empathy, control voice tone, and monitor details while simultaneously conveying company policies in a tactful manner. Active listening is a communication skill that is at the heart of a good inside sales techniques. They will need to give their full attention to the person speaking and really hear the message being delivered. A person who is an active listener pays close attention, listens without judgment, asks clarifying questions, and offers feedback to verify accurate understanding.

3. Sales Talents and Skills

A successful inside sales rep has a sales orientation, meaning they have the ability to recognize and seize sales opportunities when they appear. They need to be good at thinking on their feet and proactively making new sales by inviting customers and prospects to consider new products, services and solutions. Employers can use a pre-employment assessment USA to measure work motivations, cognitive abilities, social skills and personality traits like:

  • Competitiveness – (Persuasive, Confident, Assertive)
  • Self-reliance – (Independent, Individualistic)
  • Persistence – (Persevering, Unwavering, Tough
  • Energy – (High Endurance, Spontaneous, Fast-paced)
  • Sales Drive – (Success-oriented, Internally driven, Outcome-focused)
4. Integrity

Integrity is an important quality for every salesperson because it means the person has a strong sense of fairness and always strives to do the right thing in a consistent manner. A person with high integrity shares the organization's values around honesty, ethics and truthfulness.

5. Dependability

Dependability identifies a person who is reliable in terms of adhering to schedules and producing consistent work. It identifies candidates who can be relied on to adhere to the organization's values and company policies.

6. Tact

A tactful person is never rude, even when under pressure or when they are unhappy with what someone else is saying.

7. Self-confidence

The person who has self-confidence knows they can present information to customers in a way that promotes sales. They know they can work with diverse people. They know they can meet sales goals. They know they can maintain composure in a stressful environment. Self-confidence truly underlies everything the inside sales representative is expected to do.

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