The Management Effectiveness Profile is a Manager Performance Assessment that will give your key leaders a valuable snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. Once they recognize their own competencies, they can explore where to concentrate their improvement efforts so they can manage even more successfully in the future. The Management Effectiveness Profile is a 25 minute profile containing 144 behavior questions organized into 12 fundamental categories of management effectiveness.

Managing Your Job
  • Managing and Prioritizing Time
  • Setting goals and standards
  • Planning and scheduling work
Relating to Others
  • Listening and organizing
  • Giving clear information
  • Getting unbiased information
Developing the Team
  • Training, coaching and delegating
  • Appraising people and performance
  • Counseling and disciplining
Thinking Clearly
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Making decisions and weighing risk
  • Thinking clearly and analytically
Why Use the Management Effectiveness Profile

Management feedback report — Includes a 10/10 report that lists your top ten strengths and top ten development needs, in rank order.

Flexibility – This multi-rater assessment can be used as a leader’s self-assessment or with supervisors, peers, and direct reports for 360-degree feedback.

Off-the-shelf training — There are separate ½ day, experiential workshops available through HRD Press for each of the 12 MEP competencies.

Standardized — The Management Effectiveness questionnaire and report format is standardized with 9 different competency-based, online assessments that are part of this package. Standardized administration and report formats shorten the learning curve for participants who may use several of these assessments over the course of a year.

Easy to administer – The online administrative component is easy for both administrators and participants, yet provides administrators key control over the distribution of results.

Management Effectiveness Profile Report

This report consists of six components, which are described below.

Overall Summary

The summary results chart provides a quick visual representation of your scores in the twelve competencies that make up the Management Effectiveness profile. The areas to concentrate on are those scores above 3.5 (strong) and below 2.75 (need further development). Please note that these competency scores are averages; individual question scores can be viewed by clicking on the individual competency link.

Category Descriptions

There are three sections for each of the twelve competencies. The first of these three sections explains the competency, lists average scores, and then provides high and low score interpretation notes. The second section provides a graphical representation of individual question scores. The third section provides broadly-based improvement actions for those individuals wanting to develop their competencies.

10/10 Report

The "10/10" Report page provides the raw scores for the 10 highest scoring questions and the 10 lowest-scoring questions out of the 84. It also identifies which competency each question is from.

Course and Reading Suggestions

Development suggestions for the two lowest scoring competencies, including specific recommendations regarding training courses and books that will provide useful information on the topic are included.

Development Plan

The development plan lists questions with the five lowest scores from the assessment and puts them into a one-page template. Individuals can use this template to record the specific actions they plan to take over the next twelve months based on the general guidance offered in their feedback report and the coaching tips.

Coaching Tips

Detailed coaching tips for the five lowest-scoring questions are provided in this section. They offer specific advice on what individuals might do to improve their skills in this competency and learn new behaviors.

Note on 360 Degree Feedback

If you received feedback from your supervisor, direct reports or peers using this assessment, please note the following: Ratings responses from all persons who completed the assessment are averaged to produce the results in the 10/10 Report, Course and Reading Suggestions, Development Plan, and Coaching Tips.

Contact us to view a Sample Report for this Manager Performance Assessment.

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